Thursday, January 20, 2005

code snippets in

That last post was a pain, to get the whitespace to work. Anyone know of a better way to get spaces or tabs at the beginning of lines, besides inserting a bunch of   tokens?


Anonymous said...

When I was doing some stuff with my home page I was using the pre HTML tag. Tha displays text as you typed it. But unfortunately I've seen that Blogger does not support that tag. Maybe they do support something else. Check the docs :)))

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Anonymous said...

On my blog I use this:


Anonymous said...

jst: Write the code in NetBeans as .java and use print to html?

Rich Unger said...

I had been using <code> instead of <pre>. The former strips leading whitespace, the latter does not.

The applet is cool, and makes neat syntax coloring. However, it also seems to add extra line breaks between every line.

Amey said...

Try this out